ActiveX LDAP Client

ActiveX LDAP Client 3.12

An ActiveX component designed to access Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
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The ActiveX LDAP Client is an ActiveX component designed for accessing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) servers from Visual Basic and Active Server Pages applications. The LDAP Client can be used from any application that supports ActiveX components.
ActiveX LDAP Client The LDAP Client is designed for ease of use for the client programmer and allows for easy searching and browsing of LDAP servers. By using the LDAP Client in your Visual Basic or Active Server Pages application, you will be able to add powerful features without sacrificing speed or size of your application.
The LDAP Client supports read and write access to X.500, LDAP v2 and v3 servers. The LDAP Client has been tested from the most popular ActiveX containers, including Microsoft Visual Basic, Active Server Pages and C applications.

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